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Robot Broadcast Radio Software  - Australian Made Software for Narrowcast, Community and Commercial Stations since 1994
Technical Support
Professional broadcasting can only be achieved with professional software!

These days radio stations spend more and more time on pure automation. This means that what was once a very small or overnight part of a station’s performance is now the predominant way of building and keeping audience. Sadly too many Australian stations are letting themselves down with amateurish cheap or free automation solutions that at their best try to imitate a professionally developed and tested solution; at their worst only serve to point out to their listeners that the station is one step up from the MP3 player they already probably own. This is not limited to community or narrow cast stations either: a lot of large commercial radio stations invest small fortunes in solutions designed in America, that need a university degree to setup, run and maintain so they rarely reach their potential!


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Robot Broadcast Radio Software  - Australian Made Software for Narrowcast, Community and Commercial Stations since 1994


So why is Ausradiostation light years ahead?


We have been developing software for radio automation at radio station’s we have owned or operated right here in Australia (some of which have been unattended automation 24/7) since 1994. Our software is designed by experienced broadcasters and tested under real radio conditions. It is constantly under development to meet the changing nature of the industry and we rely upon feedback from users when incorporating new features or options. Ausradiostation uses rule based time dependent scheduling of audio that can be as simple or as complex as you need with hard lockable change of hour features. Ausradiostation is a Cutting Edge intelligent Automation Engine (IAE) capable of producing the most life-like performance ever heard on Radio. It is offered as a world first via cloud access.





You access all the software through a virtual computer desktop (Windows XP) environment which we maintain for you 24/7. You can access it from any Internet connected computer (we support every version of windows on PC, MAC and Linux using remote desktop. You have full control over scheduling and access to a 100tb music library prepared to professional radio standards (no broad “80’s”, “70’s” etc. folders either! We have researched & categorized the CHR section of the library, for example, into the number 1’s in Australia, the chart movers etc. for you to professional standards) which means no more ripping hundreds of CD’s to get started. No more having to do the music research on every track. The library is constantly added to for you each month with the very latest commercial releases at no extra charge. You can upload your own station id's, adverts or any other relevant audio you need that we don’t already have available in a pool for you. You have complete control over how the station sounds and what audio is scheduled where in your own secure private virtual desktop - in fact its just like having another computer sitting with our software on it right there in your studio, at a fraction of the standalone cost. We maintain and update the actual software seamlessly here for you.


Each cloud account includes two outgoing stereo cd quality audio streams back to you along the internet and our professional stream receiver/play out software much in the manner historically used with satellite content, but far more customizable. This is not internet radio, the port we open for you has strictly 2 delivery grade streams and once they are running to you no one else can connect to that port. This means rock solid performance as you are not "fighting" for bandwidth or resources with 100 or so other listeners as you would on the average internet station.


Using Cloud infrastructure for your station automation you gain access to the technology, real-time support and a mass of shared constantly growing carefully researched resources that only the largest Radio stations can usually afford to have at their finger tips. Ausradiostation Cloud Automation is like having a team of IT and Radio professionals working with you. Because the Cloud is server based technology it has a level of redundancy and reliability you would find hard to match using standard PC’s. Because it is Cloud-based our highly qualified technicians monitor and maintain it. Support staff can interact on-screen with the cloud while they talk you through issues. The play out software is also remotely manageable which means support staff can help you with it while they talk you through issues.



Cloud Access:


These prices are for our standard package Any external audio you input must be stereo MP3 encoded at precisely 128k:


One-off $880 setup fee. Software License, cloud access - $990 annual fee (charged annually in advance).

Total startup price: $1870 gst inc.

Ongoing Cost:

$990 annual fee (included for first year above)  gst inc.


You get 2 audio streams. You can use one for monitoring and one for your studio or direct to site if you are automated 24/7. We also

support FTP-to-site for remote locations. The bit rate of these 2 streams varies. At lowest 12k mono, at highest 64k stereo. We provide the best possible matching your local Internet conditions There is no charge for link outgoing data (ie. 2 audio streams back to you). You can buy an optional web radio plan for more listeners here.


Single Audio files you upload under 5 Mb are free (reasonable terms and conditions apply to keep the service efficient for everyone). Files over this size are charged at $2 per 10 Mb or part thereof.


We can support higher MP3 input rates and up to 48k Stereo WAV files For prices Click Here.



Contact Customer Services below with your station details for a free 24 hr test Drive*

* We take the security of our systems seriously. We can only offer a test drive if you provide us with a static ip address at your Station.
We can not connect you to the Cloud whether for a trial or after purchase without this. All Australian ISP’s will offer this feature on your
ADSL either for free (you may already have one) or for a nominal fee. If you have not arranged a trial by phone, you will need to provide
a phone number of the actual station office as it appears in the white pages that we can contact you on and verify who we are giving the
Free Trial to. The Test is virtual, you are given a temporary cloud password. No incoming or outgoing audio is permitted or play out software


Our archive of free outdated software has moved here, please remember it comes with no support.

We still have available the standalone version of Robot 2002 PRO (Version 5). This is end of life software which is no longer under full time development and sold with limited support. This means you can purchase our older product that has been tried and tested over time, but at a greatly reduced price because it has only second tier support. Support is limited to strictly email only and software updates are only released to patch security issues if they come to light.

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